APS 2016 Chicago presentations

The Meta-Research group was well represented at the APS conference in Chicago. As a recap, we have shared all our slides. Feel free to view them and let us know if you have any questions or suggestions! Where applicable, Open Science Framework links are included, which makes the presentations citable as well as preserves them.

The Psychology of Statistics and the Statistics of Psychology

Estimating the reproducibility of psychological science: accounting for the statistical significance of the original study
Marcel van Assen (https://osf.io/58xqt/)

Flawed Intuitions about power
Marjan Bakker (https://osf.io/dztjs)

Honesty and Trust in Psychology Research

The Storybook Image of the Scientist
Coosje Veldkamp

Why do so many researchers misreport p-values?
Jelte Wicherts

How do researchers fabricate data and how to detect fabrication?
Chris Hartgerink (https://osf.io/ucfpv/)

How to Deal with Publication Bias in Psychology? Illustrations and Recommendations

To be added
Paulette Flore

Estimation of effect sizes in the presence of publication bias: a comparison of meta-analysis methods
Hilde Augusteijn

Publication Bias in IQ Research
Michele Nuijten

Conducting meta-analyses based on p-values: Reservations and recommendations for applying p-uniform and p-curve
Robbie van Aert (https://osf.io/8rtmz/)

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